Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chapter Seven Translating layered Designs into Embroidery

Key to Line Stitch Sampler
Line Stitch Sampler
 Thought a good way to start this Chapter and remind myself of a variety of stitches was to create a sampler (20cm x 20cm). I used strips of cotton lawn, scrim and sheeting from my stash of dyed fabrics. I tacked them on to the ground and then experimented with a range of threads and stitches. I especially liked the messy, slightly rolled edge that was created with the scrim. The exercise also reminded me of the different qualities of the threads and using the right needles, especially with the metallic threads and Marlitt.


  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks a lot for signing up my blog (Sew in love). I still harbour secret cravings to re-do/complete my own C&G 3 studies, so I'm going to enjoy following along with you too.

    Good hunting!=)

  2. Good idea! Love your colours!

  3. I don't really know what tulle is, to be honest, (my knowledge of fabrics etc is not so good yet!!), but I call it organza ribbon. Glad you like it anyway and nice that we've found each others' work.


    1. Tulle is the net ballet tutus are made from. You can buy nylon scratchy stuff or very fine gauge silk tulle - also used for expensive wedding veils because it drapes beautifully. You can buy an experimental piece for pence, cut it into ribbon lengths and use it as a 'thread. I think it wouldhandle like the organza but be slightly differently textured. I feel an experiment coming on...