Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chapter 8 Complex Sample 1

Complex Sample 1 close up

I decided to move away from my 'estoile' and 'hoshi' star motifs for this Chapter and spent some time looking through my portfolio of work for
a different source of inspiration. I especially liked the pen and ink, Faberge star on my line drawing research sheet and tried to simplify it for stitch by using just the main shapes and minimizing the detail.
Finally I 'bit the bullet' and used two of my silk stash pieces for the bottom and middle layer, a hot pink dupion and a metallic shot taffetta. I sketched out my ideas deciding to combine a cut away layer with a semi bonded top layer (muslin) to give the design a three dimensional feel. I stitched around the diamonds with Pekinese stitch and a medium cotton thread (as shown on my outline stitch sample.) This was definitely a learning curve! The cotton was a struggle to get through the two layers which were both tightly woven fabrics and it was tricky to neatly follow the contours of the fairly small shape.
I ended up with an almost crocheted lace effect. Again, I think when attempting a more complex stitch, I need to sample, the thread, fabric and stitch to see if it will work on a bigger scale.

I decided not to totally bond the green trefoil shapes on the surface but 'tacked' with strips of web, so that they stood away from the rest of the design. The smaller trefoil on top is actually a shade darker than the larger trefoil beneath but the photograph doesnt do this justice.