Monday, 23 January 2012

Chapter 7 Sample 5 third attempt

Sample 5 Close Up
Sample 5 worksheet

 I was pleased with this sample because the colours sing and the composition has an
Indian feel to it. I also got the satisfaction of improving my machining skills and can already tell that free embroidery is a bit of a coordination act- smooth consistent treadle speed and light handling and turning of the fabric. Practising helped me relax and enjoy the process and I definitely need to do more.

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  1. This really is quite lovely! Your machine embroidery is very even and I love how your hand embroidery in the middle layer is actually visible! I have taken to working free machine embroidery on my middle layer because it is hardly worth my effort spending so much time doing hand embroidery when I then go on to hide it beneath the top layer! Well done!!