Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chapter Seven Sample 1

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This technique required several read throughs of the instructions which appeared quite complicated. Once underway, although time consuming, it was quite a logical process. I was quite nervous at first about cutting away the layers and kept double checking that I wasn't inadvertently cutting away at the previous layer or catching any stitching.
I liked using a sheer layer on top as the stitches show through from below and was pleased with how the batik type middle
layer blended into the background. As mentioned on my working
sheet,  I deliberately layered up a shape with five lines of symmetry and another with four as I usually have a tendency to go for very balanced designs.
The stab stitch/ cross stitch edging on the middle layer was
completed in a space dyed thread and I feel this pulls the whole design together.

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  1. Yes, I agree that this chapter was hard to understand and interpret! My first attempt was completely off-course, and I am still a little unsure....
    What you have produced here is quite lovely! I especially love the way your background serves as a sort of echo to the foreground. Beautifully executed too!