Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Chapter 6 Applique squares - notes

Worksheet notes

Technically, I didn't have any difficulties with this exercise as I was familiar with the methods. I viewed it as an opportunity to experiment
with colours and fabrics. My favourites were squares (4) and  (6) as I felt the different elements of colour, shape and texture combined best
in these.

Finally, I am pleased to say that I was disciplined enough with the
Bonda Web to buy myself a cheap craft iron and haven't deposited
glue on the ironing!


  1. Hi Amanda, I see you have stalled just like me!! How about we both get re-started again and go for it!! I am going to try and complete chapter 7 by end of next week.........is this even possible?!
    By the way I LOVE the work you have done so far! Very elegantly presented!

    1. That sounds great... What is it about this reverse applique/cutwork that has stopped us in our tracks? I was so looking forward to actually sewing and then.... Was it the instructions?? I have finished 5 of my 6 samples and am just recovering from my awful attempts at machine embroidery on Number 5. I forgot to lower the feed dogs and then spent two hours dismantling my machine to pick out chunks of thread and cloth!
      Thanks especially for your kind remarks. I am a bit of a neat freak with presentation;legacy of years of classroom display and a very fussy head teacher.
      Good luck and I look forward to working together. Amanda X