Friday, 20 January 2012

Chapter 7 Sample 4

Worksheet Sample 4
Sample 4 Close Up

 I aimed to use a more contrasting colour scheme for this sample and decided to be a little more experimental by using the circular frame of my embroidery ring as my edge rather than continue with a square. Again I
used four layers but decided with the 3rd and 4th layer to cut away on both sides of the stem stitch and running stitch. I particularly liked the frayed edge of the muslin. The fuschia layer was applied to 'fill in'
the negative space left by shapes 2 and 3. The overall almost ribboned effect reminded me of Cornelli work
Cornelli Lace
and I went off at a creative tangent to look at how this was actually done......
I now know its worked on a machine.

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  1. What strikes me here, apart from the circular shape of your background fabric, is your great use of negative space. Very effective!