Monday, 23 January 2012


Stitch  Notes

Stitch Experiments

                                I decided to spend some time experimenting with tension and stitch length when my machine was set for free embroidery and made notes against each sample.I am still not sure of the extent to which my treadle speed and manipulation of fabric is determining consistency of stitch length but am getting more of a feel for things.

My first attempt at a Vermicelli filling stitch


  1. I am impressed at your level of commitment to reaching excellence in your craft! To set aside time to simply play AND take notes is an approach I often attempt but never really seem to achieve! Even in my spinning I continue to fail miserably in this area, and you would think that after all these years I actually KNOW that I shall regret it if I don't keep notes....and of course I always do......but do I learn???!!! By the way your vermicelli is very fetching! ;-) Love the heart!

  2. In the past I havent been so systematic - I am making myself for this course because my weakness is creating 'off the hoof' and generating mess!!! I am sure my accidents this week are because I've been in my creative bubble and not paying attention.
    I've watched people spin with envy; its so traditional and skilled. Is it as therapeutic as it looks? I can felt which I love and have recently had a go at needle felting.
    The time I have now is a total luxury, which after looking after others for most of my life, I so appreciate.
    Thumb report - on close inspection, I virtually took the tip off - good job I didnt look but just bound it up tight!!
    Good luck with your last samples.