Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chapter 7 Sample 5 - second attempt!


This was a bit of disaster.... It serves as a reminder to get out my sewing machine manual and remind myself of tension settings etc. Machine embroidery has always been my crafting 'Bete Noir'. I know about using the correct thread and needle, releasing the presser foot, using an upside down ring etc... BUT on this occasion forgot all about lowering the feed dog. Fabric, thread and all got chewed up and I spent a happy half an hour dismantling the bobin shuttle and picking out bits of lint with tweezers.There wasnt enough of the sample intact to photograph!!
I decided to look for tutorials on You tube for tips and saw several serene sewers showing how 'easy' it was 'like painting' with a needle. My machine seemed to run away with me and I felt more like I was locked in mortal combat. Feed dog lowered I started again and produced the above, edges okay, but the tension went on anything curved; the stitches were of uneven size and looked almost couched as the lower thread came through in a loop. I know this is a tension thing and can be used as a deliberate technique but wasnt what I wanted. Back to the drawing board..... (And lots more practice)

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  1. I think that you are being far too hard on yourself! When machine embroidery doesn't work for me (which is rather a lot!) I simply keep going over the lines a few times to cover up the awful work lying beneath. Who's to know? Except ourselves, and after all these are just samples, and learning exercises. If I thought any different I would give up now!!
    Anyway I think your sample looks great! Another striking example of excellent colour and design!