Friday, 27 January 2012

Chapter 7 Sample 6

Sample 6 Worksheet

Sample 7 Close Up

I decided to make a piece of bonded fabric by trapping snippets under gold spider net. I used this as my middle layer. Because of the thickness of it, I used a blanket stitch to edge it with an almost candlewicking type cotton thread and a crewel needle.The top layer was a shot organza which despite catching the light in some orientations, lost alot of its detailed shape when in place. I tried to emphasise it by choosing a gold perle thread and close short running stitch. I chose the two shapes to explore whether this method worked with complex almost 'doily' type shapes and feel that it did. I found it hard to cut the layers away without accidently snipping the underlying stitching and needed a good light and lots of double checking.

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