Monday, 16 May 2011

Chapter 6 Bonding in Applique

I've been using these techniques for around thirty years and am equally familiar with Bondaweb and the  powder form adhesive. I decided to supplement the exercise by being as experimental as possible. I began by making up the same design in various fabric combinations to compare the different juxtapositions of  colour and texture.
Same design, different fabrics
I found it difficult to say which I liked best.... I love the twinkly quality of the organza in 1, which contrasts with the shine of the poly silk. I like the texture povided by the the brocade in 2 and the transparency and randomness of the spider net in 3!

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  1. Oh thank you Amanda. You have just made me feel so much better by saying how long you have been doing all this for! Mind you would you believe me if i said that I first tried some of these techniques about 10 years, probably not! ;-)