Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chapter 4 Coloured Paper Cut and Fold Designs

It was satisfying to use all the paper I'd made and combine them with the
shapes to produce multi layered designs. I noticed how my choice of colours either made each element stand out  or fade more into the background. I
tended to prefer one 'stark' contrast and then a subtler layer. I liked how the gold pen accentuated portions of each design. My favourite was square 4
in terms of both colour and shape arrangement, it had an Islamic feeling about it
with its Turkish Delight colours. (10cm squares, A3 sheet) I have included
a photo of my sketchbook page showing my working notes.
 In these designs I experimented particularly with made and bought
papers  including Khadi, vellum and silk fibre. My favourite overall
composition was square 8 as I liked the colour combination  and
juxtaposition of selected shapes.

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