Monday, 16 May 2011

Experiments in Trapping, Burnishing and Fabric Creation

Trapping Experiment

I'd made fabric using a trapping technique before, layering snippets/fibres, bondaweb and tulle. I decided to play around this theme, experimenting firstly with different 'nets', which would allow the underneath layer to peep through to varying degrees.I particularly liked trapping punched paper shapes and finding different colours to show through. I did overlap into disintegration by creating holes using a soldering tip! See detailed notes on worksheet.

Next, I decided to remind myself about painting Bondaweb. Which paint had I used? Did it make a difference? I began with a bronze fabric paint (1) - plastic and quite dense. Then bronze poster paint(2) -quite delicate and (3)  bronze acrylic which disintegrated. Determined to achieve 'twinkle' I then applied transfoil to the Bondaweb (4)  which gave a very clean motif. An experiment with glue and my lino stamp took this method a stage further (5). My favourite effect was (6) painting the web with mica particles -very glittery. Sample 7 was a bit of a surprise. Thinking was the metallic fibres would get left behind in the meltingprocess - they didn't!!

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  1. Really it's your attention to the details which makes all the difference, isn't it? These are lovely!