Monday, 16 May 2011

Bonding Experiments Chapter 6

Burnishing with Bondaweb

Fabric  Experiments
On my 3rd experimental worksheet I played around with making  my own fabrics using fusing methods. Sample 1 was my favourite. I used irridescent fibres and paper so it really sparkles.  The Angelina meshes
it all together when  fused with an iron. (2) Making paper fabric is addictive....  The  layering of magazine paper and tissue results in a subtle shadowed effect. ( 3 and 6) More trapping!  (4) Made silk paper  before but thought I'd combine fibres with Angelina. (5) Loosely  fusing?!? Embellished felt with different fibres  breaking needles in process despite a foam pad. A lighter touch next time.....

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  1. And you are not afraid to experiment. Mmm, I have so much to learn....