Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Black Paper Cut and Fold Designs Chapter 4

 Sheet 1: These designs were made using the Hoshi symbol. I was surprised at how changing the orientation of the shape relative to the folds produced very different results. You have to think about the folds carefully so that it actually holds together. In shapes 4 to 6, I follwed Sian's advice to 'play' and adapted the Hoshi, moving and repeating the circular element to produce a more elaborate shape. As an exercise I found this absorbing and can see how the infinite variety of templates that could be generated are a valuable resource
during the design process. (Size A3)

 I used a segment of the Estoile symbol for Sheet 2 as I wanted a curved contrast to the Hoshi's straight sides. I quickly discovered the importance of
sketching out exactly how I had placed the symbol on the folded paper to ensure
I could reproduce accurately. Even subtle changes in placement relative to the folds result in completely different shapes and I spent alot of time re folding
and checking precisely how I'd drawn the outline on the folded square. (A3)
For Sheet 3, I continued with the Estoile but experimented with different ways of folding the paper square. Again I found it important to carefully record step by step how I did this, so that replication was straightforward. Some of the end results were fairly elaborate and rather a challenge to cut out neatly. My tiny decoupage scissors again came into their own! I am not sure how easy it would be to reproduce these in fabric but it would be fun trying.... (A3)

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  1. So much attention to detail. And I love the way you present your work. Very effective and professional looking.