Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Design Sheet C
I have to be honest and say that the novelty of cutting out paper shapes was fading when I embarked on Design Sheet C - but it is amazing what a new bottle of pearlescent lime green ink can offer by way of motivation!
After completing tasks (i) and (ii) I selected the new six sided shape shown in green. My enthusiasm began to return when I began experimenting with ways of overlapping and interlocking and I became absorbed in the different variations which could be achieved..
Strictly speaking I don't think my rotational pattern is precisely symmetrical but I found the finished effect pleasing. I used a masking and layering method to produce pattern (iv) but admit to forgetting how far ink flies when a diffuser is used! In my notebook I have written a large reminder for next time - spray inside a large shoe box lined with kitchen roll.


  1. Hi Amanda - I really like your work. I am a textile artist in North Yorkshire and wondered if you could get in touch with me?

    Rachel Terry

  2. The colours combine so beautifully together, the outlining is just right...the overall effect is superb!