Monday, 24 January 2011

Module 1 Chapter 3

Design Sheet A.

I managed to produce a massive stash of different papers and in this series of exercises, began to develop a range of patterns. The opportunities to 'play' were infinite and settling on a few researched shapes was difficult!

I used a stylised version of the Faberge star for the first counterchange and then used the comparatively simple shape of the Origami star for the second example (from image worksheet). Although this star is quite plain it produced interesting negative space when several were arranged in a square.

The symmetry exercises took more thought. I chose the Star of
Bethlehem shape and adapted it to be doubly symmetrical and then doubly assymetrical. I used a template on stretched tights
to achieve a distortion and thought the finished shape resembled
a vertical water lily!

The idea of adapting a shape to a range of outlines particularly
appealed and I like how the resulting repeating pattern almost
had a feel of curved form.

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  1. You have an excellent understanding of the art concepts, don't you? Another striking page of images! And I love how you did...everything!