Monday, 24 January 2011

Design Sheet B

I decided to go back to the Faberge star for the first few of these designs. It proved difficult to scale down even with
my tiny scissors so I used artistic licence.

The two different sizes combined well to form an edge to edge pattern which produced an interesting Islamic tile
effect. I was particularly pleased with this as I felt the chosen colours really complemented the design.

Because it was a regular four sided shape, the same star also  worked well as a border and turned a corner easily. Using a gold pen to emphasise the negative shapes added to the linkage effect.

For the next interlinked design (iv) I tried to combine the
Faberge star with the feathered star outline, cutting slots
in the latter and using complementary colours. This was fiddly
and I was surprised when it hung together rather like a paper

I used the same shapes for exercise (v) and (vii) experimenting with solid and more filigree shapes. My favourite experiment was cutting the new stars from old as the results were often quite unexpected.

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  1. OMG!! Amazing! The colour effects are so vivid and really enhance the beauty of your designs.