Friday, 27 April 2012

Chapter 9 Samples 4 and 5

Sample 4 Slashed Applique
Worksheet (A4)
Slashed Applique Close Up
14cm x 14cm
Again, it was exciting to try out a new technique. I'd seen this method used in historical costuming at an exhibition in Stratford and knew that a sumptuous textured effect could be obtained. Because I chose fabrics that frayed easily, I worked the edges with the blades of tiny scissors, quite easily. I had visited Janners, a silk mill in Suffolk, about two weeks ago and bought lots of natural textured silk in their sale. I dyed this piece purple and it became almost fluffy as it shredded. The fibres are all slightly different; from the metallic strands to the matt threads of muslin. It was a really satisfying exercise with a soft abstract outcome.

Sample 5 Ripple Applique
Worksheet (A4)

Ripple Applique Close Up
14cm x 14cm
Initially I wondered whether the shape I'd chosen was too complex but decided to cut away on both
sides of the top yellow linen, to reveal the collage of colours underneath. I actually accidentally burnt a patch of organza away when I was pressing the finished piece, but it was serendipitous as a piece of green muslin simply appeared beneath. It would be interesting to try this with a soldering tool!

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  1. Your slashed and ripple applique are super Amanda. I love the colours that peep through both.