Friday, 27 April 2012

Chapter 9 Reverse Applique

Sample 1 Mola Worksheet
Mola Close-Up
(17cm X 15cm)

I have seen examples of Mola in museum collections and was enthusiastic about attempting a new technique. Looking at the elaborate efforts
produced, I can only marvel at the skill of the needlewomen! This took me a couple of evenings to hand stitch and a lot of patience.... It requires a good light and considerable dexterity to turn corners and stitch evenly and neatly. For a first attempt, I was fairly pleased but in retrospect wished I'd chosen a more vibrant colour palette.

Samples 2 and 3 Contemporary
Worksheet (A4)

Sample 2 Close up
12cm x 12cm

Sample 3 Close Up
12cm x 12cm

This method was certainly a lot speedier than the previous one! (I read that when sewing machines were introduced to Panama, they were ignored by embroiderers who preferred to produce their mola by hand.....a genuine labour of love!!! I decided to follow Sians advice about printing on to fabric to produce the top and bottom patterned layer on the respective pieces. I used a pad underneath each piece and finished up with a much lighter, almost shadowy imprint which was easier to overlap. I like the different pink/plummy tones in Sample 1 and the matt/shiny contrasts of the different edges. With sample 2, I used 6 layers and particularly liked how some of the bonded fibres trapped between the top and second layer peeped out of the edges. The changes in depth perception made for an interesting concept.

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